Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of Medical Assistant

Each group, whether it is private or professional, is a set of standards or codes of ethics. However, the code of ethics in health care differs from universal ethics. What distinguishes is the inclusion of a moral rule that means fulfilling its duty over norms. With this moral flaw, medical professionals like medical assistants expect to comply with the Code of Ethics and the appropriate professional conduct established by the governing bodies:

To be loyal to their employers

According to the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Assistant, practitioners expect that the honor and principles of the medical profession will be respected and accepted and adhered to by their management sciences.

Furthermore, medical assistants expect to be honest and loyal to their employers. A specialist may lose his license if proven to be theft, blackmail, bribery or other dirty occupations while he is on duty.

Providing quality standard health services

Medical assistants are expected to provide quality health services to their clients. It must, of course, pay tribute to their patients. Always be concerned about protecting the patient's data when and whenever.

Medical assistants should always be polite and enjoyable, responsive and kind to the patients. You should not make any disrespectful comment or phrase that will reduce your customers.

Get ready for the Extra Mile

Expected to participate in further community services aimed at improving the health and well-being of the population. It is expected that they will be involved in government volunteer work or community health-conscious projects.

Confidentiality of all information

They expect the interventions and communication to be treated confidentially with the patient unless it is legally necessary. It is also expected that all information will be treated confidentially except for those who are part of the medical team assigned to the patient. The American Medical Assistant Association is extremely strict in this area. Any information accidentally provided to the members of the family and members of the medical assistant will result in the withdrawal of their license

Admission to training and career development activities

Expect to continue to look for professional growth. This can be achieved through seminars and training provided by the institution. They should also be open to further knowledge and accept staff tips, techniques, and advice. Just make sure the new information is factual and scientific. On the other hand, they need to learn how to share their learned knowledge and skills with other colleagues.

In fact, ethics is very important for all social and professional groups and organizations. The Code of Ethics serves to preserve the dignity and ideals of the group and the organization. Each member must know and inform the body's expectations. Strictly executed ethics can also improve the well-established organization.

Not only doctors, but also health professionals are expected to comply with and adhere to these ethical rules and rules. Medical ethics supports justice, equality of people, and respect for the dignity of patients. Medical assistants and health professionals are different from other professions because they are committed to maintaining the health of the community. This is one of the things that health professionals can be proud of.

Source by Darren B Wright

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