The role of the Medical Office Assistant

A medical assistant will help the doctor or other health professional licensed a wide variety of tasks. Some assistants can directly contact the patient, while others focus on billing and office tasks.

The role of a medical assistant


tasks required to implement assistants depends on the state in which they are employed. However, the following basic skills that virtually all the med office assistants should possess in order to employment.

The most important skill that one needs to have fall into the category of general office skills. A person seeking work in the medical field to be operating highly efficient and competent in respect of a computer, as well as the ability to organize your files and patient charts and other documents. Typing skills is important, and although not mandatory, accounting skills a definite advantage.

Good communication skills essential, but is not required to implement any office assistants reception work. However, often assistants interact with patients, even if only to ask them a few simple questions before the start of the consultation. Since many patients nervous during the consultation, good communication skills necessary to facilitate the patient's nerves.

Medical Software Programs

The role of the medical staff includes assistant software. Almost all medical offices use the medical software for various purposes. This type of billing software can be used to track the inventory or update patient records. Therefore, aspiring medical assistants must be comfortable working in such a program.

Training Requirements

medical office assistant training can be practiced in a traditional college or vocational school, or you can choose to finish their studies or on the Internet. Prospective students have the opportunity to associate degree programs or enrolled in programs that are awarded a certificate or diploma upon completion of the course. Some doctors will allow students to work in the offices, while enrolled in a program, and others have offered financial compensation to the individual's education.


Although not a requirement in terms of employment, many people choose to pursue certification. The American Association of Medical Assistants- AAMA -is the organization that awards certification. One need only contact the Association to schedule a time for the certification exam, which is a passing grade must be completed. Depending on the area of ​​the country where one lives, qualifications economy lead to better job opportunities. However, in order to qualify for the certification exam, one must receive his education at school, which is accredited.

Job Outlook

The job outlook for medical assistants is excellent. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities are expected to grow by 28% by 2016, which is faster than the increase in the number of jobs in many other professions. Therefore, those who are taking a job as a medical assistant can look forward to a very rewarding job stability in the area.

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