Is Tubal Reversal of Medical Necessity?

When a woman suffers from Post tubal ligation syndrome in reverse tubal medical necessity? Women suffer the answer is an astounding yes. Some in the medical field is not the answer. Why is this? As many in the medical field do not think that actually happens PTLS women. There have been studies done so far and the medical community does not accept PTLS like a good reason to reverse tubal surgery.

This is where the problem is. While many in the medical field do not believe that the post tubal ligation syndrome is true, many women suffer from it. The medical community does not accept and do not have major health insurance company that will cover the reverse. This is something that women all over the world are talking about.

So if you feel that you may be suffering from a PTLS what are you doing? Now go to the doctor and tell me that they feel that a tubal ligation cause problems. The majority of patients leaves the doctors office disappointed. I understand that there is something wrong, but they can not listen to anyone. Or, go to the doctor's office and get a lot of medical tests ordered. Each test comes back to what is known as the "normal range". Medical studies say that all is well and the doctor feels that PTLS does not happen. The patient feels betrayed, and you know that something is wrong.

What women are discovering that there are others who actually PTLS relief and getting their lives back. Reversing they are finding relief through tubal ligation surgery. Tubal reversal is where the surgeon to actually repair damaged fallopian tubes. There were many women who report almost instant relief. The unpredictable mood swings begin to subside and their periods return to normal. The concentration levels start to return, as they used to tubal ligation. They actually begin to enjoy life.

reversal of

tubal ligation will help restore their lives. And the world spreads thousands of other women. What many women do not even start a savings account to be able to pay for the surgery. The prepayment plan is the answer to many. As you save them to that number and be able to allocate the time of surgery. Researching a key factor in finding relief for post tubal ligation syndrome. The more educated a woman is, the better her chances of reversal of position leading surgeon. The experience of the surgeon is a very important factor.

PTLS has been around as long as there is a tubal ligation. Women who suffer often feel alone and frustrated. After a while they start to feel that it is "all in their heads." And anyone who has suffered and had surgery to reverse tells another that does not happen. Although we can not change that the medical community sees that this is what is for sure that the other knows there is help.

Source by Debra Verville

How to successfully sell Medicare plans

The potential sales people call the office every day and tell me that they want to start selling Medicare plans. They feel that the market leader is the place to be, and I want to start selling immediately. Nine out of ten of these people do not even make it out of the first month. I will share what they are doing wrong and how to avoid the pit falls kept them from getting off the ground.

The following information is based on sharing my trial and errors and selling Medicare health plan in the last 14 years. I have worked with hundreds of agents based on a range of backgrounds and skill sets. The following summarizes how to get started and be successful in a Medicare sales.

and errors and omissions insurance license: You have a valid insurance license of the state plans to do business. Many carriers also requires that the E and O insurance. Many E and O carriers. NAPA generally good pricing, which will be $ 500 and $ 600 a year range.

Education: One of the biggest mistakes made is that people try to sell it without the knowledge of Medicare plans, Medicare. You have to understand Medicare A and B before selling people confidently plans to supplement Medicare A and B coverage. Find a copy of the "Medicare and You" book and read it two or three times to get started. Then talk to someone who has been selling plans at least a few years to get some real-world explanation. There are also a number of presentations on the Internet that provides a high level overview of original Medicare. These types of events can also help you with the basics.

Company Appointments: We have to sell to appoint at least two different companies that offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plan will be based in the area. As time goes on, it will be useful to appoint most, if not all, but that would be too overwhelming to start with. Two companies get it done in the beginning. Again, use the Internet to get an idea of ​​which companies are competitive in the field. There are also several Medicare wholesale websites that allow you to do basic comparisons in a given zip code.

Once the company, review the summary of the benefits several times. You should be able to rattle off the benefits and copays on your head. Go through your applications and I know you from start to finish.

Consider the entire sale, Munster or marketing organizations: These are companies that have contracts with several insurance companies. You may be able to obtain all the various Medicare insurance company contracts is one such organization.

Try to review some basic summaries to see who has the most competitive benefit plans, and invite them to start during the appointment process. For additional plans, the state insurance department website to find who has the best prices. (Prices are the most important difference is the additional programs)

Lead Source: Once you have completed your company meetings, and received certificates of selling supplies, you need to find some clue. Many agents will try to rely on personal contacts and referrals. This is a great addition to your business, but it will not be enough to keep you busy, or pay the mortgage. You will need a primary source of lead. I suggest the following types.

mailer: Use a mail house. You will pay approximately $ 400 per mailbox in 1000 and receive a 3% response. You should buy the envelopes, postage and return the cards to the mailbox or mailboxes in this price. If you want more money leaves the house in 1000, using a different mail house.

Online leads can purchase leads online. Warning: online business work great on the wrong person, it could be a complete waste of a few. Talk of the leading online company to the proposals. There are a lot of good indicators of online leads, but that will be my next article.

Supplement telephone lines and pre-set appointments: Supplement candidate can legally called (assuming compliance with the directives DNC). You can pay the company an additional pre-set appointments for you, but did you know that a salesman Advantage appointments. A good supplement costs preset appointments is $ 18 and $ 24 per appointment

for some agencies without your wiring costs, but reduced commission. This is often a good deal a lot of new people in the business, just make sure there is no other clause.

Understand the MSP LIS programs in the state: It is one of the biggest mistakes new and experienced sales people make. They are not familiar with the various Rx and medical assistance programs for seniors condition. Knowing about these programs can lead to many more sales and help close the existing sales. You need to know that the level of income in your state. Drugs and copay programs help to create a special election period to sign up with someone other than a plan for AEP.

Understand that work together to complete an additional Medicaid Advantage plan or concept most people have no sales, when it comes to interaction with Medicaid original Medicare Advantage plans and accessories. The lack of understanding by the agent will cost him / her a number of sales.

contracted sale of other lines of business: If you are working hard to run meetings, you can definitely see the clients that are looking for other services, such as hospital indemnity plans, Final spending plans, annuities, dental and vision benefits etc. The more services you can offer will do better.

Effort, durability and tracking: Work hard to educate yourself as much as possible. Be persistent in working lines (polite but persistent) and understand that not everyone is going to a meeting or close every sale. Be sure to keep track of appointments and customers. List of customers and prospects, and remember to stay in touch with them.

This is a very basic introduction to Medicare sales, but it's a good place to get a Medicare-road sales success.

Source by Edward K Crowe

The PennDot driver's license for medical Recall

The Pennsylvania where a person is a doctor and was diagnosed with a disease or disability, which makes this person "incompetent" to vehicles that doctors must notify PennDot within and within (10) days of the study. Common diseases that make a person "incompetent" work vehicle Pennsylvania are: seizures, poor vision, and drug or alcohol addiction. When PennDot receives such a notice to the doctor then sends a notice to the guide advises them that the rights to "recalled" for this condition. The easiest way to see you think they are too ill or disabled to drive a car – so they will not be deleted. Now what to do?

When a driver in the recall notice to PennDot to appeal the decision within thirty (30) days. There is a problem here – the driver does not get to keep their licenses pending their appeal when the driver does not submit to and pass the PennDot medical examination (and who wants that?), Or create an independent competent medical evidence, usually a Choose your own doctor, you can convince the judge that the driver is not as much of a danger that can not let let the driver keep the license until the appeal is heard. This in itself may require some pretty fancy footwork to the lawyer that the guide will hopefully continue to hold the license. Which begs the question – "What does a lawyer do for a client in a case like this?"

First, the attorney must be sure that the customer can keep license pending the appeal as mentioned above. In addition, the lawyer must be PennDot that at all. This problem often falls into his lap Court of Common Pleas judge. This is because at some point, the driver will be a court hearing that this alleged illness is actually preclude the client from driving safely. Here, Pa medical authorization to call a lawyer shall:. Cross examine PennDot medical evidence and present the client's own evidence, its own expert medical professional, and convince the judge that Penndot not carried the burden of proving that the client suffers from a medical condition which makes them "incompetent" to operate a car. If the lawyer is successful, he's got the money and the customer goes home with a driver's license. Good stuff.

Source by Basil D Beck III

Human Resource Information System – HRIS

Human Resource Information Systems

This paper aims to identify the companies who are facing similar problems with regard to human resources to information technology. Benchmarking different companies to determine how other companies have handled certain human resources information technology, information systems-related problems, new technology and data security. Using a comprehensive analysis of research conducted by IBM Europe, Ameriprise Financial, Teras pipelines, Shaw & # 146; s supermarkets, CS Stars, LLC, IBM, WORKSource Inc., and Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. This document also contains summaries of eight companies facing similar issues to those in reading.

New Technology

constant in a changing world and new technology is available, managers must be aware of the technology, which increases the efficiency of your company. Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) increasingly evolved since it was first introduced by General Electric in the 1950s. HRIS undergone a fundamental transformation of information systems, handheld computer systems of the ongoing HRIS systems that are used today. Human resource professionals began to see the possibility of new applications of the computer. The idea was to integrate a variety of human resource functions. The result is the third generation of computerized HRIS, feature-rich, wide-ranging, independent HRIS. The third generation systems took far beyond the mere repositories and tools created by which human resource professionals could do much more (Byars, 2004).

There are many companies see the need to restructure the operations of human resources in order to keep up with new technology and more and more employees. Teras pipelines relocated to Vancouver and Calgary to be closer to the oil and realized a significant increase in employees. The last recording will be maintained in the paper and spreadsheets. Mangers at Teras figured out how to change it to a computer system and looked into the various HRIS vendors. By making the move to an HRIS system, Teras is able to keep accurate records and better prepare for future growth. Another company that has seen the benefits of managing to keep up with the new technology challenges WORKSource Inc. of 100 new employees, WORKSource Inc. has acquired Web-based GHG Corp. technology programs, such as electronic payment tape, electronic software working hours, time-off system and human resource information system (& # 147; Tips, & # 148; 2006). To accommodate the new programs, WORKSource was able to reduce waste and costs.

The Internet is an increasingly popular way to recruit candidates technologies and research performed other key functions of the business. Which human resource services online (eHR) supports the efficient collection, storage, distribution, and exchange of data (Friesen, 2003). The intranet type of network used by companies to share information that people within the organization. The intranet connects people and people to information and knowledge within the organization; it can serve as & # 147; information center & # 148; the whole organization. Most intranet organization set up primarily of employees, but can be extended to business partners and customers have appropriate security clearance (Byars & Rue, 2004).

HRIS applications

The effectiveness of the HRIS system is able to produce a more efficient and faster results than can be done on paper. Some of the many applications of HRIS following: Office applications requesting search expenses, risk management, training management training experience, financial planning, analysis of traffic, succession planning, flexible benefits administration of government regulations, attendance reporting and analysis, human resource planning, accident reporting and prevention, and strategic planning. A variety of HRIS applications, it is difficult to understand that the programs benefit companies without the companies that have already benefited from these programs.

One such company IBM. IBM is a paperless online registration plans for all employees. Not only the online registration has saved the company 1.2 million in printing and mailing costs a year, employees are happy to work with the online plan. "Since we started online registration, we learned that employees want to access the Internet," Donnelly [Senior Communications Specialist] says, so log on at home, rather than a corporate intranet. Thus, the company has been working to create a web-based application system that employees and retirees can access from anywhere (Huering, 2003). Using HRIS use of flexible benefits offering with IBM has been able to cut costs and staff the freedom to discover the benefits of your own time and pace.

Another company that made use of HRIS applications Shaw & # 146; s supermarkets. In order to Shaw & # 146; and to better manage the workforce, the company decided to centralize HR operations. After looking at the various options, Shaw & # 146; and it decided that an Employee Self Service (ESS) system. The use of self-service applications create a favorable situation in HR. ESS gives HR more time to focus on strategic issues, such as workforce management, succession planning, and compensation management, while at the same time enhance the employees and managers, and ensures that the data is accurate. With this solution, employees online access to forms, educational materials, information on benefits and other employee-related information (stones since 2002). By giving employees access personal data and the ability to update or change the information if necessary, from HR more time to focus on other issues. Understanding the various HRIS applications will offer companies the chance to increase the efficiency of employees and reduce costs.

Measurement of

HRIS efficiency

The evaluation of the HRIS or not performed up to expectations, and if the HRIS used to its full advantage (Byars & Rue, 2004). One of the major challenges faced by the state to measure staff performance today, leaders of human resource information system (HRIS) In order to demonstrate the value-added contribution to the implementation of the HRIS organization's mission (Hagood & Friedman, 2002). HRIS implementation program seem necessary to stem a company, but if there will be a powerful tool for HR activities, it does not help to increase efficiency and prevent it instead.

a company that has implemented an HRIS system, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. (TAM). TAMS to all employee benefits information online and create an open enrollment option if TAMS changed health care providers. Almost immediately start the UltiPro portal [new HRIS technology] to the employees, TAMS began to see an improvement, with an estimated 70% increase in the efficiency of open enrollment (Wojcik, 2004). Determine the efficiency of the new program, TAMS was able to realize the benefits of the new HRIS system.

Security HRIS

The privacy of information workers become major issues in recent years. The identity theft is becoming a common problem, employees increasingly recognize who sees their personal information and security is considered. By informing the employees that the company considered the HRIS is important, and making sure that limited access (password protection) of this information, companies can make employees more secure about the safety of information. Electronic or paper files to employees deserve to be treated with great care. Establishing security and end-user requests permissions to balance herself, and day-to-day knowledge of HR policy operations system (O & # 146; Connell, 1994).

a company that is facing serious security problem has been CS Stars, LLC. CS Stars lost trace of a computer containing personal data that included names, addresses and social security numbers of workers compensation benefits. The bigger problem was that the CS Stars failed to inform the consumers and employees concerned the missing computer. While the computer is collected, and no information would damage appeared, many workers have lost their sense of security in the company. New York, unauthorized access and notification laws effective in December 2005, requires businesses that maintain computerized data that private information to notify the owner of any violation of information discovery immediately after the safety of the system, if the personal information was, or reasonably believed to have been, acquired by a person without a valid license (Cadrain, 2007).

is another company that has experienced a security gap Ameriprise Financial. At the end of 2005, the computer containing the personal information of customers and employees was stolen. Because many of the Ameriprise employees take work home, in the company between computers was determined by the need to be more security on computers. Ameriprise made sure everything was used in the new security suite installed on your computer. They respond quickly to the need for greater security, Ameriprise made sure that all information is kept secure. Making sure employee information is stored as safely as possible, there will be more confidence in the company and HR professionals the information.


struggling with similar issues

IBM, Teras Pipeline CS Stars LCC and Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. is a good example of companies in the human resources information technology and human resources information systems. All these companies know the importance of the new technology, human resources, information systems and data security. The rest of the paper, summaries and more companies are facing human resource issues that the company responded to the questions and the results of the company & # 146; s answers.

Companies benchmarked

IBM Europe

The situation

IBM is a global organization with research, software, hardware, IT consulting, business and management consulting, ring and funding. Employing approximately 340,000 people in 75 countries speaking 165 languages, and serve 174 countries. In January 2007, IBM set up a special & # 147; new media & # 148; function in the corporate communications department. IBM's main goal is to educate, support and promote programs that use social media. IBM Europe has decided to expand the internal communication blogging guidelines. It was the realization that blogging is already happening among IBMers, only an uncontrolled manner. Similarly, institutionalizing feature deals specifically with the new corporate media does not move, or create from scratch. It & # 146; s response to the questions has been increasing the company. Now that these technologies are here, people are using them, you & # 146; from growing and there to stay, we & # 146; re just going to have a structure around them, so that we can try to optimize their use. & # 148; The user can decide what technologies they use and how they use them. This is the main idea is that IBM understands that you have to remember to respect the fact that social media is social. IBM was the need to connect the 340,000 global employees more efficient.

The answer is:

IBM & # 146; s intent around social media is now officially official. From January 22, 2007, the company set up a special & # 147; new media & # 148; function in the corporate communications department. & # 147; Powers to act within and outside consultants on issues related to IBM blogs, wikis, RSS and social media applications. The basic idea is to educate, support and promote programs that use these devices. IBM is the story that was in the forefront of a technology-based enterprise communications. The multimedia brainstorming & # 147; & # 148 WorldJam; made news in 2001 with 50,000 employees worldwide joined the real-time online exchange of ideas meeting of the company & # 146; s directions. IMB staff is always ready to use breakthrough technologies to create a two-way dialogue. The need for social media was necessary, and I could not wait.

The result:

In recent years, IBM has been recognized that in the forefront of the use of social media: IBM had internal blogging published for the first Fortune cooperating behind the 500 companies wikis guidelines as far back as 2003 and is now rapidly moving beyond RSS and podcasts to and videocasting & # 147; virtual world & # 148; Technologies such as Second Life. The intranet search capabilities extends to all areas of the site, including the new media aspects. When an employee logs on to the portal to a perform a key word search and get the results to come not only from the main intranet sites, but results from IBM include forums, wikis, blogs and podcasts / Videocasts labels. IMB to understand that workers are no longer in the company their entire lives. It & # 146; s just not like that anymore. For example, more than 50 percent of employees in Belgium in 2300 should have been there less than five years. The company concluded that the increasingly young and mobile workforce, the probability that the employee total population of the younger generation, for whom these devices are part of life, not so far away. In the coming years with IBM will address the employee base, which blogging is just a natural way to interact with a web-based platform. IBM has created within the scope of its powers most of the assets belonging to a centralized platform that includes wikis. Philippe Borremans, a leading European new media IBM, the potential business applications of wiki covers two big advantages: sharing of knowledge and collaboration. IBM scored some notable successes on both fronts in the nearby 5,000 wiki pages are working properly in the body. The company has been a huge pick-up in interest in podcasting for the past 18 months writing seem like a technical skill, as people feel that they speak more freely than they can write. One of the most consistently popular IBM podcasts, with more than 20,000 downloads a week.

Ameriprise Financial

The situation

The Justice Department study estimated that victims of 3.6 million US households were identity theft in 2004 of trafficking personal time in excess of US borders the New York Times reports that stolen financial information is often distributed among the participants in online trading boards, and customers are often located in Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East. One of the reasons customers are concerned about data security breach to the public at large financial services company. In late December 2205, an employee of Ameriprise Financial & # 146; and encrypted data containing the laptop nearly 230,000 customers and advisers had been stolen a car. Other financial service companies, including Citigroup and Bank of America also recognize large-scale customer data loss in 2005. President of NCS, Rita Dew, compliance consulting company in Delray Beach, Florida, says that the Securities and Exchange Commission requires investment advisors policies and procedures for dealing with customer records and information relating to administrative, technical and physical safeguards.


Ameriprise Financial had a fight and had to implement & # 147; layers of protection. & # 148; It is important that the employees who are the primary business computer, and employees regularly transport the computer in the home, office and meeting places. The vulnerability of the Agreement and the need for security software is much needed.

The result:

The workers who deliver lab to be installed on top of Steganos Security Suite on the computer. This software allows employees to create an encrypted virtual drive on your laptop used to store secure data. Employees tax preparation software and store data related to customer data on the encrypted drive, which employees set up a gigabyte of storage space. The best thing is that if an employee turns off the computer data storage & # 147; Secure & # 148; the software automatically encrypts the virtual drive & # 146; s data. The software also generates an encrypted backup files to a CD store employees fireproof safe. This keeps the data safe if any employee & # 146; s laptop is stolen, or if the hard drive removed from the laptop. Financial advisory based on encryption and out of the office. Other programs that are used to protect the customer & # 146; RAID 1 system information and stores the data on the drives that are encrypted WinMagic & # 146; SecureDocs and software. Encryption ensures that anyone who steals your computer will be able to completely read the data, even if you connect it to another computer as a & # 147; slave drive. This gave me a lot of peace of mind is the biggest financial advisers.

Teras pipelines

The situation

Teras Teras Pipe Inc. subsidiary located in Vancouver, Canada and is located in a number of provinces and US states. In 2001, the company changed the central Calgary to be closer to the oil. The big move, the company has gone through a growth spurt. The company has a number of different locations, and a growing number of employees, the HR department saw the need to find a new system to provide more accurate records.

The answer is:

Teras was the last paper records and charts and the growth of the company, this system does not work as well as in the past. In order to compensate for future growth, Terasa started to look HRIS companies to help HR operations. After researching various companies, Hewitt & # 146; and application service provider model eCyborg found the right fit.

The result:

Although it was difficult to adapt to a new way of registration, Teras was able to find a system that will enable current and future growth of the company. Fortunately, some HR staff experience working on a HRIS and were able to help their colleagues to imagine new processes such as help systems. One theme often expressed in the whole process was: "You do not know what we're hard when you know that it's so much easier a system is not a lot that we do not always have to run to the cabinet. employee file just to get basic information. it's all at your fingertips. "(Wu, 2005). In order to ease the burden of HR Teras implementing a new HR system, the management of Teras was convinced to look for a vendor to help implement and maintain an HRIS system. This system helped Teras better prepare current and future growth.

Shaw & # 146; s Supermarkets

The situation

Shaw & # 146; s Supermarkets is the second largest department store chain in New England. A workforce of 30,000 located in 180 stores across six states, Shaw HR staff responsible for managing personal information of employees. The mix contains about 70 percent of employees work part-time workers, which is the students, retirees, part-time part-time, part-time and career. One-third of the labor union made up of associates and staff Shaw oversees the company's participation in the three unions and six separate contracts (stones since 2002). In order to help you manage your workforce, HR staff became interested in centralizing HR function.

The answer is:

In order to centralize HR operations Shaw & # 146; and it decided that an ESS (Employee Self-Service) solution. The use of self-service applications create a favorable situation in HR. ESS gives HR more time to focus on strategic issues, such as workforce management, succession planning, and compensation management, while at the same time enhance the employees and managers, and ensures that the data is accurate. With this solution, employees online access to forms, educational materials, information on benefits and other payroll related information.

The result:

Shaw & # 146; and there was positive feedback since the introduction of the ESS solution. "The response from our colleagues were very positive," Penney, VP Compensation and benefits, he says. "We also had a significant increase in our medical care costs, and it almost does not matter, because the online registration part of the plan choice, the cost of employees, and the company has received. The employee self-service application makes it very easy for them to understand the contributions and coverage options. several e-mails to employees is a big change, and how easy ESS was saying, which is not often the case when the employees when selecting their benefit options. "(stones since 2002). By providing access to more data if they are able to see the benefit of employees choices. Employees are also able to update their information on the Internet, which reduces the paperwork of the past. Shaw & # 146; he saw improvements in productivity due to updated information workers are not at home during work hours.

CS Stars, LLC

New York Attorney General
Andrew Cuomo announced that New York State has reached the first settlement of the company charged with not informing consumers and others that their personal data are gone. Cuomo & # 146; s office, which enforces the state & # 146; 2005's unauthorized access and Notification Act charged CS STARS LLC, a Chicago-based company claims management, failure to do so, he lost track of a computer that provides data about 540000 New Yorkers & # 146; Workers & # 146; comp claims.

The answer is:

The owner of the lost data that are already in the custody of CS STARS was the special funds in New York City Conservation Committee, an organization that promotes workers providing & # 146; comp benefits under the state & # 146; and workers mandatory by law. May 9, 2006, CS STARS employee noticed that the computer was missing that held personal information, including name, address, and social security numbers of recipients of workers' & # 146; benefits. But CS Stars waited until June 29, 2006, to inform the FBI special funds and security. Because the FBI determined that they notify users may hinder the investigation, CS STARS waited until July 8, 2006, a notice sent to affected by the 540,000 New Yorkers violations. On July 25, 2006, the FBI determined by an employee of a cleaning contractor, stole the computer, and the missing computer was located and returned. In addition, the FBI has determined that the data is not illegally accessed the missing computer.

The result:

New York, unauthorized access and notification laws effective in December 2005, requires businesses to maintain a computer data private information to notify the owner of any violation of information system security immediately following discovery, if the information is private or ought reasonably to have been, acquired by a person without a license is valid. The law affects not only business relations with customers, but their role as custodians of employees, employers & # 146; personal data. (Cadrain) without

Recognition of any wrongdoing, CS STARS has agreed to abide by the law and ensure the proper reporting them in case of any future violations. The company also agreed to implement more extensive information on personal safety. CS STARS will pay the Attorney General & # 146; office expenses and $ 60,000 related to this investigation. (Cadrain)


Situation at:

IBM paperless online application system in 1999 proved to be introduced to the winner, and the company's 135,000 active US workers and companies according to Cathleen Donnelly, senior communications specialist company headquarters in Armonk, NY company will save $ 1.2 million a year printing and mailing costs alone, Donnelly says, employees & # 146; They can take advantage of a variety of technologies to learn about issues research program to access information and decision support tools for desktop computers. (Heuring, 2002)


One such device, the personal medical cost estimation, allows for the calculation of employees in addition to potential out-of-pocket health expenditures for each project opportunities have , Donnelly says. Employees log personally greeted by name and important information about their benefits enrollment, such as deadlines and changes to take effect. They will automatically receive the health plans are available to them, and the calculator enables them to compare estimated benefit amounts each plan.

"Employees can choose to use health care services at a given year, estimates of the expected frequency of use, and calculate the potential cost of each plan option," Donnelly says. "The feedback that we have received from employees tells us that this tool really helped them on the basis of a comparison of plans that they consume medical services." The calculator shows both IBM and employee costs. (Heuring, 2002)

The result:

"Since we started online registration, we learned that employees want Internet access," Donnelly says, so log on at home rather than a corporate intranet. Thus, the company has been working to create a web-based application system to employees and pensioners from anywhere.

The employees will receive a summary breakdown of the plans are very specific details and follow the links for health care providers to research. Donnelly says that the system received a high score of comfort, because employees can "get, and quickly."

WORKSource Inc.

The situation

To meet the challenge of managing 100 new employees, WORKSource Inc. has acquired Web-based GHG Corp. technology programs, such as electronic paystub, electronic software working hours, time-off system, and human resource information system (& # 147; Tips, & # 148; 2006). Ezek az eszközök lehetővé tette vezérigazgató Judith Hahn kezelésével bér eljárások hatékonyan és eredményesen.

A válasz:

WORKSource nyolc munkaerő központok, mintegy 108 alkalmazottal, található szerte a hat megyei régióban. Korábban, bérszámfejtés, előnyeit, és az emberi erőforrások azon dolgozói számára dolgozták fel és irányítja a szakmai Munkáltatói Szervezet. Emellett a vállalat 52 adminisztratív személyzettel rendelkezik a központi irodája. Ha a szerződés a PEO megszűnik június 30-án, 2006, ezeket 108 alkalmazott azonnal átkerül a bér WORKSource, ami azt jelentette, Hahn & # 146; s terhelés több mint kétszeresére hatékonyabb 2006 júliusában (& # 147; Tippek, & # 148; 2006).

Hahn, egy interjúban a PMR, azt mondta hivatkozott LEAN segíteni, hogy egy fogantyú, amit kellett változtatni neki kezelni a megnövekedett munkaterhet. Két évvel korábban, Hahn & # 146; s vezérigazgatója mutatott be neki, hogy sovány, egy japán koncepció megszüntetése pazarló lépések és a mozgás kitöltésekor folyamatokat. & # 147; elkezdtem olvasni, amennyire csak lehet a Lean és csatlakozott egy HR LEAN fókuszcsoportos & # 148; (& # 147; Tippek, & # 148; 2006).

Az eredmény:

Mastering a fogalmak LEAN vezetett Hahn kell kialakítani és alkalmazni a saját betűszót & # 147; OKA & # 148; neki részleg & # 146; s bérszámfejtési és HR folyamatok. Eljárás felülvizsgálata: Térkép számfejtésére az elejétől a végéig. Hulladék megszüntetésére: meghatározza, hogyan kell végrehajtani a munkáltatói feladat leghatékonyabban a felesleges lépéseket. Elemzése alternatívák: a kutatás és értékeli a alkalmazhatóságát az új technológia. Elad újítások kezelése: dokumentálja a beruházás megtérülése az egyes innováció. Nyissa meg a kommunikációs vonalak: nyíltan & # 151; és gyakran & # 151; az összes érdekelt fél, köztük a munkavállalók és a felső vezetés. Soha ne engedje negativitás: a változtatásra egyszerű és szórakoztató. Az alkalmazottak rengeteg bátorítást és időt, hogy megtanulják (& # 147; Tippek, & # 148; 2006). Judith Hahn képes volt végrehajtani a helyes emberi erőforrás funkciókat információs rendszerek.

Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.

A helyzet:

Lynda Morvik igazgatója, előnyök és az emberi erőforrás információs rendszerek Tustinban, kaliforniai székhelyű Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. (TAM), gondolta akkor lenne értelme, hogy adjunk egy előnyöket közleményt összetevője hozzá. Azáltal, hogy az összes haszon információt az interneten, a TAMS alkalmazotti kézikönyvben is lenne élő dokumentum, amely lehetővé teszi Morvik változtatni, ha szükséges. Ez volt a helyzet a projekt felénél, amikor TAMS megváltozott egészségügyi tervek Aetna Inc. United Health Group Inc (Wojcik, 2004).

A válasz:

TAMS független csoport, cég a Toshiba Corporation és a globális vezető diagnosztikai orvosi képalkotó rendszerek és átfogó gyógyászati ​​megoldások, mint a CT, röntgen, ultrahang, nukleáris medicina, MRI, valamint az információs rendszerek, volt egy bérszámfejtéssel iroda és egy házon megoldás HR, amely nem tartalmaz könnyen használható egységes jelentési vagy alkalmazotti portálon. After evaluating UltiPro alongside several enterprise resource vendors, TAMS selected Ultimate Software's offering and went live in September 2002 after an on-time and on-budget implementation. Almost immediately upon rolling out the UltiPro portal to employees, TAMS began seeing improvements, with an estimated 70% increase in open enrollment efficiency (Wojcik, 2004).

The Outcome:

In an effort to expand the usage of the Web beyond the benefits enrollment process, TAMS has posted a library of documents and forms on its HR portal, including the benefits handbook, which garnered a 2004 Apex Award for publication excellence. That same year, Business Insurance magazine also gave TAMS the Electronic Benefit Communication (EBC) award for outstanding achievement in communicating employee benefits programs over the Web. To continue elevating its use of Ultimate Software's HRMS/payroll solution, TAMS modified the UltiPro portal to meet the imaging company's unique needs (Wojcik, 2004). It was completely integrated with several proprietary applications created to address compensation and performance management issues so that TAMS employees have a central location for comprehensive workforce and payroll information from a Web browser that they can access with a single sign-on (Wojcik, 2004).


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Source by Steven Phillip Brown

How to Get Medical Billing and Coding Job Promotion

Medical billing and coding is one of the hottest medical profession in great demand in the large rooms with work opportunities and promotion. Promotion will increase pay and benefits. Always it helps to open up a lot of new and great opportunities to value highly recognized in this promotion.

However, how can one earn its rightful position to offer? Which is one of the most important aspects that need to be updated to the next level? What are the prerequisites for a job promotion? Here are some basic guidelines for all those who hope that the support and medical coding jobs in the near future.

a. Obtain medical coding and billing training program, preferably a recognized universities worldwide recognition in the medical billing and coding field. Aim for at least an associate's degree in this field, to create a good opportunity for yourself.

b. Obtain a certificate of advanced medical coding and medical billing billing sharpen your skills. Do not claimed that only you should try instead of an associate degree oven off yourself if you can, because you can make hundreds of medical billing and coding graduates like you who are also looking for a job related to the medical market. Even if you have been working as a medical biller and want to increase your expertise as a medical biller or coder, seeking to vocational training will definitely help to enhance all elements of the competence of medical billing and coding process.

c. Equip yourself with the necessary computer skills to increase computer literacy, because having good computer skills, particularly MS Office is one prerequisite for the profession. As a computer savvy will certainly increase the chance that the promotion that you have been waiting for.

d. Gain a lot of experience trying his hand all the elements of medical billing and coding field exposes himself every possible opportunity to learn new stuff, even if it is not what the official responsible for the current workplace. In some cases, you may find that you proactively volunteered to replace your colleagues, you need to be away from the office for a short while and looking for someone to replace the said period.

e. Register now to test RHIT (Registered Health Information Technician), employers are more likely to hire and promote someone that passed this exam.

f. Always learn from reading the latest career news weekly career publication articles, news, and be alert and conscious company news and competitors at the same time. Keep close attention to the company's new directions, strategies and market opportunities; Always watch out for possible ways to improve the company's image, reputation and brand in the market.

g. Other than seeing yourself with knowledge and skill sets of medical coding and billing, you can also review some of these areas, such as how to improve your leadership skills on how to improve the human communication skills, how to make your career skills, how to manage internal conflicts among the team members conflict and many more. This is to make sure you are always ready to go when you have a good promotional opportunity for each team the lead.

Source by J.J. Yong

Medicare open enrollment and additional insurance

Medicare open enrollment is a six-month period, which includes the three months before and after the consumer's 65th birthday. In many cases, it is preferred that the elderly buy a Medicare supplement policy during the open enrollment window. Under certain circumstances, consumers who allow that window to expire in six months is not medically qualify for the supplementary plan.

Eligibility is guaranteed at the age of 65

eligible for Medicare skilled nursing guaranteed insurance open enrollment, regardless of medical history. Medical underwriting is not required and there are no health issues to answer an application. All Medigap insurance plans offered in the requesting State will be purchased. Simply put, insurance companies can not deny Medigap coverage if the application during the six-month time frame.

other guaranteed eligibility periods

There are other rights guaranteed Medicare supplement insurance periods in addition to the six-month window. Consumers aged 65 and older who involuntarily lose group health insurance or group coverage can be guaranteed additional Medicare supplement plan. However, they also have to go through some subscription plans (Plan J, for example) transferred, and may not be offered premium discounts on their plan choice.

Further advantages in purchasing the coverage open enrollment

many additional insurers who, during the open enrollment discounts. In some cases, applicants may decline in price as 15%. This brings savings over the following years, helping to keep premiums lower than the insured grows older. Also, some insurance companies require underwriting popular supplements such as Plan J, if the applicant more than three months have been the 65th birthday. When open enrollment, medical underwriting will be required when applying J. plan

Disability and Medicare open enrollment

Some states receiving Medicare disability rating if the guaranteed coverage. The Government customers under 65 years of age who have a disability approved a six-month window to buy Medicare supplement regardless of medical history. (Missouri such a state.) It is very beneficial for Medicare disability consumers to enroll in a plan to open six months. Otherwise, you have to go through health insurance and the adoption is unlikely because of health concerns.

To summarize, near the 65th birthday of the elderly, and persons with disabilities are entitled to Medicare coverage should consider additional coverage. Application will be made during an open enrollment underwriting unnecessary to have more design choice, and it also offers premium discounts.

Medicare supplement insurance quotes in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Ohio – Including Plan D and Plan J

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What are the major drawbacks of Medical Coding You need to know?

Now that we are fully aware of the benefits of medical coding, I believe that many people there is the urgent urge to get your hands around this area because of the great prospect to take this job in the future. However, before any firm decision in the end, it will certainly be worthwhile for us to review and understand what is on the other side of the medical coding? There are always pros and cons almost everything, it is useful for us to review and understand both sides of good medical coding.

The following are some important common drawback is that shared medical coding;

1. It can be difficult to break into the medical field. This is especially true if you are a recent graduate with a certificate or degree in medical coding is looking for a first job. Most employers prefer medical coders experience because you can save up some extensive training cost and time necessary to the practical training of the new lease. So it really is a challenge for the new season less or no experience in this medical field to gain the market value and competitiveness.

2. Once you have found your way to the coding world, whether the personnel involved make it to the top or stay where they were as of the beginning. This diligence and effort of the individual himself, even him to succeed as a major medical coder or otherwise. However, one thing is for medical coding is that anyone who wants to be a medical coder will have to be patient, diligent and have the self-discipline in the process of becoming a skilled medical coder. There is no short cut path in addition to the related coding region is going through the right path of education and training, which requires at least 2-3 years, including the prestigious certification leads to the path to a successful professional medical coder.

3. Moving from one opportunity to advance your career as a medical coder. However, the transfer can be beneficial for some people, while at the same time it can be a disadvantage for others. Not everyone is willing to move to a new city or town of unfamiliar faces and places in his career. Therefore, the relocation can be a disadvantage for medical coders, who are staying with family.

4. As the name of the profession says it all, all students in this field coding to deal with a lot of coding and abbreviations. This can be quite excruciating, if not good at memorizing words or names and turn out to be a nightmare for anyone who has to give up his / her medical coding grown because of the complexity of remembering and digest the coding needed to excel in in medical coding.

5. It is very normal medical coders to be working long hours in hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices or even insurance companies. There is a serious lack of work-life balance for most medical coders today.

6. In addition, medical coding is a stressful job, considering the precision that these medical coders must validate their work, because all the errors do not result in payments or receivables long pending the insurance companies.

Source by J.J. Yong

vaginismus and Vaginitis – Vaginal Pain: What can be done?

Although their names, and some symptoms are similar, vaginismus and vaginitis quite different.

is the name of vaginismus, which makes the muscles around the involuntary tightening of the vagina, where penetration. This muscle contraction can occur, regardless of the used object penetration, whether it is the male organ, swabs, fingerprints and personal vibrator.

The muscle is so tight, vaginismus, being able to rule out the intercourse.

Apart from the frequent tightening vaginismus often even a stabbing or burning sensation in the vagina, if anything is inserted.

vaginitis, on the other hand, is the name given to inflammation or infection of the vagina.

many different types of vaginitis, starting caused by yeast, bacterial infection and infections transmitted during a single cell parasite sexual intercourse and so-called "Trichomonas", caused by non-infectious vaginitis some sensitivity or allergic reaction to soaps, fabric softeners , spermicidal products, etc.

vaginitis symptoms of itching, irritation and abnormal discharge.

of treatment depend on the type of vaginitis. Fungal infections can be deleted or cream cone. Trichomoniasis, and bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics, and non-infectious vaginitis is cleared to identify and eliminate the cause of sensitivity.

Because each type of vaginitis needs different treatment is absolutely necessary that anybody symptoms consult their physician or health care consultant in order to receive a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Given the right kind of treatment, vaginitis usually be cleared quickly enough.

The vaginismus, in two categories.

The first type is the so-called "primary vaginismus," a woman in the conduct of the classification has never been able to achieve intercourse. The second is when the woman was able to intercourse in the past but now can not continue, and this type is called secondary vaginismus.

severity and consequences of the symptoms vary from individual to individual. Some women are capable of sexual relations, including sexual intercourse, but only real difficulty. However, because of the discomfort, the vaginismus can prevent orgasm.

is only natural that such discomfort and pain can cause real fear of sexual intercourse or penetration, the woman is to avoid having sex, and lose sexual desire.

All of these symptoms are really inaccessible to the conscious mind. They are simply not intentional. What happened to your subconscious, feeling mind, it is programmed to associate with vaginal penetration in pain. This has become a "conditioned response". Consequently, the vaginal muscles instinctively pull part of the body's defense mechanism, and in order to prevent further penetration pain. This restriction may occur before the actual introduction of anything into the vagina – even a suggestion or idea of ​​penetration.

Needless to say, it's all in the price of the relationships, and even prevents having children. Sometimes gynecological procedures can be so uncomfortable and hard to be a need for an anesthetic administered by performing the test.

The reasons are varied vaginismus, and the first thing you should do, that the woman should be medically monitored. If the cause of vaginismus is found that the physical – injury or infection, for example – then it is generally effective pharmacological treatment.

Very often, although the psychological foundations of vaginismus, and when this is the case, the cause often lies in the individual's personal history.

Sometime in the past, she experienced severe pain or discomfort in the vagina or, less commonly, he also learned such a pain in another person, and does not affect this process is called "emotional contagion". In "sensitizing event" in the subconscious mind has been "programmed" to link pain with the idea of ​​sexual intercourse or insert anything into the vagina of thought.

Sometimes the woman is also sensitizing remember this event, but is often lost in the conscious recall.

Fortunately there is a way that this programming can be re-written, and the effect is reversed. The highly efficient and fastest way to make it work on the subconscious mind hypnosis. With the help of therapy and strengthen the proposal, the subconscious can be retrained so that it no longer automatically associated with discomfort and pain in the vaginal penetration.

Working with the subconscious of modern advanced hypnotherapy can really help to restore the natural ability of the body and sleeve to function as it was designed.

If you have experienced vaginismus or vaginitis, see your doctor or consulting a hypnotherapist before the health care consultant. Up to antibiotics or hypnotherapy you might just be surprised at how quickly you can help.

DISCLAIMER: This article is provided for general information and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your own doctor or other health care professional.

Source by Peter James Field

What are the advantages of online medical stores?

Many people who need the drugs are circumstances that make it difficult for them to get a high street chemist to collect the medication. Online medical stores is a great way to buy medicine if you have difficulty getting to a pharmacy and you need to buy drugs frequently. Other than that, more accessible, online stores also save you time, money and potential embarrassment, while helping to keep track of recipes.

online pharmacy can help you manage medication through special schemes set up. Many online pharmacies set up special systems to help control the repeat prescriptions. Simply send your prescription slips, and you can set up a system to post a new batch of medicine because you ran out of old items. They are also a reminder e-mail or contact to make sure you still want or need the medication, all the time, because when the recipe. This can help reduce unnecessary and costly losses of prescription medicine. These systems can be very useful for organizing this medicine if you have to a lot of other drugs that are sold out at different times of the month.

Online medical stores is a great way to avoid embarrassment. Some people may feel nervous or embarrassed to state that it is suffering, and it can be unpleasant and stressful experience for them to go to the local pharmacy to pick up medicine. It is not uncommon for people to go to pharmacies that someone they know, when they buy medicine to confusion, since, in order to avoid a large distance from their house. If you choose to use our online medical store, then you have to supply medicinal products directly without the door to look out for the pharmacist to the eye! You can also talk to a pharmacist in a private online forum that can help you feel more comfortable than if you have to talk to a pharmacist in person.

The savings that online medical stores make ordering their products in bulk to the pharmaceutical companies directly to the consumers. While it may be a small fee for delivery, they are often waived for orders over a certain amount of dollars or repeat prescriptions. If you still need to pay a minimal fee, this may be irrelevant when you consider the amount of money that might be spent on gas to drive to the nearest 'local' pharmacy. Thanks to the opportunity to stock up on a much larger range of products, it is very likely that an online store will be able to be that the tools that you need much faster than a high street chemist would be able to. Many stores also offer a case of providing a same day or next day service for customers willing to pay a small fee. This can save you from being a great two-way street drugs store.

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Home Health Coding – The history of pressure ulcers

Q : If we go V67.x (The subsequent examination after surgery), rather than a status code healed ulcers that are in Phase 2 because of these observations newly healed state, but recertifying observation? If you utilize the tracking code rather than the actual state of being resolved now?

Reply : According to Lisa Selman-Holman, JD, BSN, RN, HCS-D, COS-C, principle consultant and Selman-Holman & Associates in Denton, Texas, the V67. after surgery, it would not be correct code x in this case.

Why does not the patient's surgery for stage 2 ulcer. The only category code, which you might think is V67.09 use. This is quite a non-specific code. You can not encode the second phase ulcer, if it is resolved.

The next question, however, is that you are providing the care (monitoring and evaluation) would be included, says Selman-Holman. Consider the length of time to cure the end of the previous episode.

There is a probable fluctuations in the patient's condition? Even the patient's skin integrity or repeated changes in caregivers to lead you to think that more patients at increased risk for ulcers? What other diagnoses to patients already show that a higher risk of damage to the skin? The answers to these queries should support the need for skilled care home health coding.

code V13.3 (Personal history of diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue) apt history of code to a patient who has a history of ulcers.

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