How to successfully sell Medicare plans

The potential sales people call the office every day and tell me that they want to start selling Medicare plans. They feel that the market leader is the place to be, and I want to start selling immediately. Nine out of ten of these people do not even make it out of the first month. I will share what they are doing wrong and how to avoid the pit falls kept them from getting off the ground.

The following information is based on sharing my trial and errors and selling Medicare health plan in the last 14 years. I have worked with hundreds of agents based on a range of backgrounds and skill sets. The following summarizes how to get started and be successful in a Medicare sales.

and errors and omissions insurance license: You have a valid insurance license of the state plans to do business. Many carriers also requires that the E and O insurance. Many E and O carriers. NAPA generally good pricing, which will be $ 500 and $ 600 a year range.

Education: One of the biggest mistakes made is that people try to sell it without the knowledge of Medicare plans, Medicare. You have to understand Medicare A and B before selling people confidently plans to supplement Medicare A and B coverage. Find a copy of the "Medicare and You" book and read it two or three times to get started. Then talk to someone who has been selling plans at least a few years to get some real-world explanation. There are also a number of presentations on the Internet that provides a high level overview of original Medicare. These types of events can also help you with the basics.

Company Appointments: We have to sell to appoint at least two different companies that offer Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplement plan will be based in the area. As time goes on, it will be useful to appoint most, if not all, but that would be too overwhelming to start with. Two companies get it done in the beginning. Again, use the Internet to get an idea of ​​which companies are competitive in the field. There are also several Medicare wholesale websites that allow you to do basic comparisons in a given zip code.

Once the company, review the summary of the benefits several times. You should be able to rattle off the benefits and copays on your head. Go through your applications and I know you from start to finish.

Consider the entire sale, Munster or marketing organizations: These are companies that have contracts with several insurance companies. You may be able to obtain all the various Medicare insurance company contracts is one such organization.

Try to review some basic summaries to see who has the most competitive benefit plans, and invite them to start during the appointment process. For additional plans, the state insurance department website to find who has the best prices. (Prices are the most important difference is the additional programs)

Lead Source: Once you have completed your company meetings, and received certificates of selling supplies, you need to find some clue. Many agents will try to rely on personal contacts and referrals. This is a great addition to your business, but it will not be enough to keep you busy, or pay the mortgage. You will need a primary source of lead. I suggest the following types.

mailer: Use a mail house. You will pay approximately $ 400 per mailbox in 1000 and receive a 3% response. You should buy the envelopes, postage and return the cards to the mailbox or mailboxes in this price. If you want more money leaves the house in 1000, using a different mail house.

Online leads can purchase leads online. Warning: online business work great on the wrong person, it could be a complete waste of a few. Talk of the leading online company to the proposals. There are a lot of good indicators of online leads, but that will be my next article.

Supplement telephone lines and pre-set appointments: Supplement candidate can legally called (assuming compliance with the directives DNC). You can pay the company an additional pre-set appointments for you, but did you know that a salesman Advantage appointments. A good supplement costs preset appointments is $ 18 and $ 24 per appointment

for some agencies without your wiring costs, but reduced commission. This is often a good deal a lot of new people in the business, just make sure there is no other clause.

Understand the MSP LIS programs in the state: It is one of the biggest mistakes new and experienced sales people make. They are not familiar with the various Rx and medical assistance programs for seniors condition. Knowing about these programs can lead to many more sales and help close the existing sales. You need to know that the level of income in your state. Drugs and copay programs help to create a special election period to sign up with someone other than a plan for AEP.

Understand that work together to complete an additional Medicaid Advantage plan or concept most people have no sales, when it comes to interaction with Medicaid original Medicare Advantage plans and accessories. The lack of understanding by the agent will cost him / her a number of sales.

contracted sale of other lines of business: If you are working hard to run meetings, you can definitely see the clients that are looking for other services, such as hospital indemnity plans, Final spending plans, annuities, dental and vision benefits etc. The more services you can offer will do better.

Effort, durability and tracking: Work hard to educate yourself as much as possible. Be persistent in working lines (polite but persistent) and understand that not everyone is going to a meeting or close every sale. Be sure to keep track of appointments and customers. List of customers and prospects, and remember to stay in touch with them.

This is a very basic introduction to Medicare sales, but it's a good place to get a Medicare-road sales success.

Source by Edward K Crowe

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