How to Become a Home Based Medical Coder

home health coders are often self-employed independent contractors. This type of work falls somewhere that an hourly employee and owning your own business.

An independent contractor is a person who has a contract with a larger organization that can work in the home coding for an agreed payment. These independent contractors benefit from working from home with a flexible schedule, and having assumed without a steady and reliable income to high costs and responsibilities that accompany small businesses looking for.

The contract agreement with the home based medical coder and the organization should be specified items, such as:

Given the number of round / encrypted


Accuracy Standards

hardware and software functions of

The number of charts to contract a coder may depend on their coding specialty, experience, desired income, expense and time.

Because the prices are different specialties is important to know that the industry standard in a particular field, and if you fall for that special average.

The following is a loose projection home based medical coders can use when negotiating a contract rate of

Coding Specialist I:

45 inpatient records daily

2 min / chart or 250 / day outpatient and ER records

3.5 min / chart or 130 / day ambulatory surgery Entries

Coding Specialist II

32-day inpatient records

2 min / chart or 250 / day outpatient and ER records

4 min / chart or 120 / day ambulatory surgery Entries

Coder II:

23 inpatient records daily

3 min / chart or 160 / day outpatient and ER records

6 minutes / or Figure 80 / day ambulatory surgery Entries

I Coder:

15-day inpatient records

4 min / chart or 120 / day outpatient and ER records

8 min / chart or 60 / day ambulatory surgery Entries

home medical coders, who decide how to negotiate the level of wages is independent contractors. In general, it is a flat rate that is about the contract. This rate will be paid on the basis of per chart.

wage levels are strongly influenced by things such as the geographical location, the coding specialty, experience and current economic variables. A home medical coder, the following guide will help them loose because of contractual negotiations with regard to wage levels.

Professional Coding / Outpatient: 0.60 -.75 per chart

Coding Facility / Inpatient 0.70 per -.85. chart

Combined Coding / All and Ambulance: 0.90 to 1.50 per. chart

The ratio of coded graphs and wage levels of the two main influencing a home based medical coder income. It is important to properly calculate the table and pays a commitment to balance speed and the time required to complete the task.

For example, a medical coder codes a patient who may contract for 875 charts charts every week at a rate of.65 cents chart. If we divide the week commitment to the standard rate of 25 per hour chart the medical coder must be divided into 35 hours of working time every week (875/25 = 35). If the medical coder is paid.65 per chart and the weekly income will be $ 568.75 (875 x.65) and "hourly" average will be $ 16.25 ($ 568.75 / 35 hours).

In order to maintain a profitable work at home medical coding speed and accuracy is very important. Speed ​​allows the medical coder to increase pay and reduce the time commitment. It is possible to achieve the "full-time pay" work only 20 hours a week, but it will take time to achieve, and it is important to note that the accuracy is maintained.

Most of the organizations that signed a contract with the home medical coders in the contract specifies the need to maintain a certain standard of accuracy encoder. This standard, typically 94% – 98% accuracy. Charts are encrypted, and the self-employed regularly checked to ensure they are being coded correctly. This control, which produced percentage accuracy. If the accuracy is not maintained by the organization to terminate the contract.

Benefits taxes and other items should be examined prior to becoming a self-employed home-based medical coder.

benefits, such as medical, dental, 401k contributions, paid vacation and paid holidays are usually not provided because it is self-employed. The contracting organizations generally do not allow programmers to vacation and sick days, however, because they do not usually have to be paid to the budget in advance.

The taxes other than an independent contractor. The organization, which is a medical coder contracts usually send payments, similar to a scheduled payment. Gross earnings paid for these checks.

It is the responsibility of home medical coder tax deducted from each check and set aside the money sent by the government at the end of the year. When you arrive at the end of the year the organization sends the encoder instead of 10-99 W-2, and submitting tax for self-employed must submit a timetable for 1040.

The 1040 schedule will allow you to list the home medical coder and subtract certain items, such as medical coding books, computers, Internet, office supplies, etc. deductions. Keeping track of expenses is important and useful work-related tax time comes.

elements that the contracting entity can not be counted as a deduction though. We ensure the organization and what home medical coder is responsible for changing an organization to another.

Some organizations provide medical coding books, while other organizations are responsible for the medical coder with the purchase. The most common practice in the organization with regard to independent medical coders, however, is to provide them with medical coding software, firewall, e-mail, and some technical support.

This is generally the responsibility of the home based medical coder that appropriate computer systems, medical coding books, internet access, and daily work supplies (paper, pens, etc.).

Technical assistance is generally the only organization software, firewall, and e-mail. Hardware failures, Internet service interruptions, and those that by nature are generally responsible for the independent entrepreneur.

Once a medical coder themselves informed of all the facts of the specific requirements and are willing to accompany home-based medical coding and independent contractors are ready to look for an organization that offers such an opportunity.

If you are looking for online searching avoid terms like "work from home medical coding jobs" and try searching for terms like "remote medical coding jobs" and "self-employed medical coding jobs".

Companies such as Avia Code, Med Data, Network and coding are just a few that rent home medical coders as well.

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