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Q : If we go V67.x (The subsequent examination after surgery), rather than a status code healed ulcers that are in Phase 2 because of these observations newly healed state, but recertifying observation? If you utilize the tracking code rather than the actual state of being resolved now?

Reply : According to Lisa Selman-Holman, JD, BSN, RN, HCS-D, COS-C, principle consultant and Selman-Holman & Associates in Denton, Texas, the V67. after surgery, it would not be correct code x in this case.

Why does not the patient's surgery for stage 2 ulcer. The only category code, which you might think is V67.09 use. This is quite a non-specific code. You can not encode the second phase ulcer, if it is resolved.

The next question, however, is that you are providing the care (monitoring and evaluation) would be included, says Selman-Holman. Consider the length of time to cure the end of the previous episode.

There is a probable fluctuations in the patient's condition? Even the patient's skin integrity or repeated changes in caregivers to lead you to think that more patients at increased risk for ulcers? What other diagnoses to patients already show that a higher risk of damage to the skin? The answers to these queries should support the need for skilled care home health coding.

code V13.3 (Personal history of diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue) apt history of code to a patient who has a history of ulcers.

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